Category A

Cat A (Any sized motorcycle)

At 24 years old (min) you qualify to take the practical tests on a large motorcycle which upon passing allows you to ride any sized motorcycle.

If you have held a category A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years and are aged 21 years old (min) you qualify for staged access which allows you to take the practical tests on a large motorcycle allowing you to ride any sized motorcycle when the tests have been taken successfully.You would not be required to re-take CBT and Theory on the staged access route.

IMPORTANT: Please note you cannot ride a large motorcycle on the public highway without supervision by a DAS qualified DSA instructor until both practical tests have been taken successfully.

 At Sharper Rider Training the maximum ratio is 2 trainees to 1 instructor to ensure that all trainees get equal training and attention.

Training for this category is £90 per 3 hour lesson.This includes bike hire, 3rd party insurance and the use of helmet and gloves if required.

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Paul Sutherland | Reply 25.09.2017 17.40

Hi there, I have had my cbt for a yr now, and have put about 3500miles on my trusty 125 ybr custom, and would like to now do my mod 1.
Thanks in advance

Barry graham | Reply 29.06.2017 20.58

Hi I am interested in achieving my motorcycle license.l am 39 years old and only been on dirt bikes,Advice and availability of CBT would be great thanks

Daryl | Reply 28.02.2017 00.16

Hi can you tell me the test costs to get an a liscence. I am a confident rider on a 125 been doing it for 10 years and think it's time to step my game up.

LJ | Reply 19.02.2017 19.47

Hiya, are you still in business? I've tried calling a few times and get no answer or call back. If you are can you tell me how much do you charge for CBT?

LJ 19.02.2017 19.49

It's cool, I found the cost on another page. Thanks anyway.

John | Reply 18.02.2017 21.35

Hi, I want to buy a scooter in next couple of months, but have never ridden one. Would like to go through my CBT with you in prep for it

Graham Walker | Reply 27.01.2017 10.22

I am interested in training for Cat A, using one of your bikes. I am 58 years of age and have very limited riding experience. Can you help?

Gordon Sharpe 28.01.2017 16.27

Hi Graham, Yes we can help,07913809802 to arrange or discuss training.Cheers Gordon.

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20.04 | 01:26

Great trainer that teaches you everything you would need to know about keeping safe on the road. 10/10 training and a great guy too.

18.09 | 16:53

Passed my mod1 and 2 today Gordan is a great teacher and really know what he is doing definitely recommend him and can’t thank him anymore

23.05 | 12:07

Highly recommended instructor. Easy going, no nonsense, great instruction.

28.03 | 00:40

Gordon's the man, just passed my mod 1, teaching techniques, for safe riding for life, not just to pass your test! Bring on mod 2, thanks Gordon

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